May. 6th, 2004 11:22 am
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Walking across campus this morning I noticed a bunch of the agapanthus (aka Lily of the Nile) have put up their buds. They'll look so pretty when they blossom!

May here seems to smell almost like I remember June being in Indy... almost cloyingly nectared-sweet as you walk past certain areas of blossoms. I got buzzed by a hungry hummingbird looking for early agapanthus... came within a foot of my nose! Maybe it was the flowered shirt I'm wearing today that confused the territorial little bugger.
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The iris is light purple. Reminds me of some of the ones that Mom had in our backyard when I was in elementary school. The only way this could possibly be better would be if there were more of them, and if some of them were bicolor, light purple tops and dark purple bottoms.

Ahhhh. A tiny bit of tranquility in an otherwise insane week.
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The courtyard in the center of the Beckman Institute building here at Caltech is one of my favorite places on Earth. The fountains, the trees, the architecture just speaks to me somehow; it always has.

There are clivia and magnolia plants in bloom in various places all over campus. My parents would be so jealous... they're still dealing with stormy winter/spring weather in Indiana. By contrast, we're having a heat wave here... I think it was between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Pasadena yesterday.
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These past few days, spring really has been in the air. Moist soil and green plants budding and the promise of growth are all around me. This makes me very, very happy on a deep level.

I'm a few days late, but happy Beltane, everyone! It really is a magic time of year, the flipside of the time in autumn when the boundary between reality and the dark spiritual world thins to let the past through... these days, that same boundary around reality thins to let new futures begin, stretching into the light.


I love spring!

California poppies are blossoming along roadsides, scattering brilliant orange-gold seemingly everywhere I look. They're beautiful! And there are a few other wildflowers that are blossoming bright green-tinged yellow and a pale white; I haven't figured out what they are yet.

I'm putting in new marigolds, lobelia, and a new white geranium to augment the pink and salmon geraniums and white/fuschia Martha Washington that have blossomed all through the winter and early spring on my porch. The albino, striped, and odd-colored succulents in their terracotta strawberry pot are doing very well, and I think maybe even the rescued dwarf carnation plant that's barely held on for months now might be finding its way to health... it looks like it has a few buds forming, too, which is more than can be said for the other two I rescued at the same time from the discount bin. Oh, and the last surviving Gerbera daisy has tried putting up a few new leaves, which is very startling since it's outlived its two bretheren by a full year now.

Most of my spring bulbs (daffodils, narcissus, grape hyacinth, crocus, and a handful of different tulips and their relations) have finished blossoming except the iris bulbs that have happily put up their leaves with no hint of when they'll decide to blossom... and the amaryllis is startling the heck out of me by shooting up a bud that's about to open. That plant's been on my front porch for at least a year and a half now, occasionally teasing me with new leaves, and it's only now taken the idea in it's little bulby brain to do something. Wild!
naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (spring dawning)
Southern California is such a strange place sometimes. Today was just gorgeous weather, but just about everyone at the office is sneezing intermittently. I guess it's allergy season.

Sometimes every day here feels like it's the same as the day before, weatherwise, and for those of us who expect weather to be changeable, that's a bit disorienting.

Sometimes it feels like you're living the same day, over and over.

When that's a good day, it's great. When that's a bad day, or you realize that although you've been living all these individual days but not reaching any closer to long-term goals, that can be disheartening.

That's why I celebrate the passage of time... marking the seasons, marking holidays, paying attention to the plants around me as they go through their own strange California growth cycles.

An interesting quote from my desktop calendar:

Learn what you are and be such.
-- Pindar

Hmm. There's a lot to ponder, right there.
naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (spring dawning)
I love technology. I got an email today from a lady in Indiana who has a tatting blog. This is definitely getting linked in the next time I update my humble little tatting page on my website!

Go see! She does lovely work... I love the alligator!

In other news, I now have some very strange bulbs blossoming on my front porch. Part of the fun of these pots is that I deliberately didn't keep notes on what I planted, so I've got surprises popping up all spring! Also, the first two white-and-purple striped crocus are blossoming, something that looks very strange in 70 degree weather with no snow in sight, unless you count Mt. Baldy, way off in the distance...

Happy Spring, in spite of current events. Once again, Mother Nature perseveres.
naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (spring dawning) (this is the International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC) (this is the US Veterans of Foreign Wars) (this is Disabled American Veterans) (this is US VETS, a private public partnership that helps homeless veterans) (US Department of Veterans Affairs website) (if you are a veteran, and you haven't heard of this, check it out)

The vernal equinox is Friday. The flowers on my front porch are blossoming, along with the oxalis growing wild on the corner down the street from my apartment, and two very confused Christmas cacti in my office, and small pink bushes on campus that I've forgotten the name of... This planet we live on is a beautiful place, and life itself is beautiful. Sometimes it's easy to forget that.

Permanent Human Values, A Speech Given by Joseph Campbell at Sarah Lawrence College, December 10, 1940. This man is always so amazing. Go read.

D-Day, by Thomas L. Friedman, an op-ed piece from the New York Times today. Very interesting.

I found that from the Jumping Monkeys blog, posted by Megan from TechTV's The ScreenSavers. I like Megan.
naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (spring dawning)
I really mean to update this journal more frequently.

The weather here has been strange, alternating between what passes for winter in LA and early summer... 80 degree days interspersed with cool rain downpours. The 80 degree days are usually worse air-quality-wise, and the rain is surely needed.

I made a new spring icon, though I'll probably need to make an early-summer one sooner than I'm ready to.

The bulbs I planted last fall and winter in pots on my porch are sending up shoots and blossoming. Narcissus, daffodils, some differently-shaped tulips that I planted for their curiosity value, grape hyacinths... and the winter snapdragons are still blooming, along with the geraniums.

I'm so glad I planted them. Every morning on my way to work I stop for a few seconds just to gaze at them.

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