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Some of these links are new to me, others I've read before, but I found myself needing to locate them again, and rereading them, so I could point various people to them.

If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

Concerning Native Americans in children's literature:

Concerning women in open source computing: (now at 243 comments...)

Concerning rape culture:

Concerning feminism:

Concerning racism:

It is the fourth annual International Blog Against Racism Week, and there are a lot of links I look forward to reading here:

Concerning accessibility:

Concerning Othering, Transgender Issues, and the Vocabulary of the label "cis":

Concerning privilege: and

'“Check my what?” On privilege and what we can do about it'

'Men! Feminism needs you! (Not your privilege…)'

'“Check Your Privilege At The Door” – Entering women-only spaces as a man'

The Male Programmer Privilege checklist:

And here's a whole bunch of privilege checklists...

And then there's
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Kirrily Robert is formidable and inspiring. Her presentation video is online here:

The resulting discussion at was less than hope-inspiring at times, but apparently, some folks are listening.

Other interesting presentations with implications for open source communities, collaborative coders, human perfectionist urges, and any kind of community-building, actually:

And interesting thoughts about living:
Video of that talk is linked here:
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SCaLE 6x, the Southern California Linux Expo, is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday there's a one-day miniconference on Women in Open Source, and another on Open Source in Education, and yet another on Open Source in Health Care.

SCaLE 6x also just added two LOPSA training classes for Friday! Open-Source Email Systems: One Approach to Spam Fighting, and Introduction to Virtualization on Linux. I adore LOPSA.

My posts about last year's SCaLE are here and here and here.

I'll be helping out with the Women's miniconf on Friday, and I'll be working the registration desk on Saturday. Come on by and say hello!

If I weren't attending and helping out with the SCaLE conference, I'd be attending the 24/7 DIY Media Summit that is happening this weekend. There are a bunch of different academic panel and workshop tracks, but there are also screenings open to the public.

Political commentary, activist media, independent arts, machinima, US media vidding, video blogging, anime music videos... and some of the most fabulous people presenting, curating, and discussing and receptioning about emerging patterns as well as the history of these new media... what's not to love? has complete info.

I'll probably also wind up prowling around [ profile] diyvideo later, which has information on some of the webcasts associated with that conference.

And if I ever get more free time (ahahaha, shut up) this note is to remind myself to prowl around in the videos on In Media Res.

I wish I could be in two places at once.
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I had an absolute blast volunteering at SCALE 5x. I didn't even have time to attend any of the talks or Birds of a Feather sessions, and honestly many of the topics weren't really my thing anyway, but I had time to wander the exhibit area and to schmooze and chatter with lots of people in the hallway track, and generally make myself useful in the registration booth, which meant I got to meet a whole, whole bunch of the more than a thousand conference attendees at one point or another during the weekend.

And now a personal forehead-smack-worthy moment: Why I didn't figure this out until now kind of baffles me, but most of the local "Linux User Groups" are actually Linux-tinged Open Source enthusiast groups, not just all-Linux-all-the-time, as I have been assuming for years and years. Color me dopey for not reading past the titles and acronyms....

Yeah, I lived in a very Solaris-colored world when I worked at Caltech, that's what the group I was part of specialized in, so I didn't twig on to the idea that a local Linux user group might be for me. Sigh. Should have figured this out a lot sooner... but then again, I don't think many of the Linux sysadmins I worked near at Caltech are members of these groups either, and I'm not sure why that is... lack of time, lack of the group's visibility or outreach or something? One of them even meets on campus! I have no clue why more of my sysadmin former co-workers aren't already participating in this sort of professional development, social networking and general commiseration and enthusiasm (or were and never mentioned it to me, although I'm a vocal proponent of USENIX/SAGE and LOPSA and evangelize about joining professional organizations and mailing lists and such fairly frequently). Anyway... that's all water under the bridge. Onward and upward!

I need to seek out local Mac user groups, too... but that's a post for another day.

Many of the local user groups' websites have mailing lists and IRC channels, too, and all sorts of other useful stuff. Here are some of the local meetings happening around the Los Angeles area of groups who had a presence at SCALE this weekend.

What: Cerritos Linux Users Group (CLUG) (seems to have merged with the Linux Users at LAX group Lilax recently)
Where: California State University Dominguez Hills venues
When: second Saturday of each month from ~10:00am to 2:00pm

What: LAMPSIG, "the Los Angeles LAMP Special Interest Group (LAMPsig) is an off-shoot of the Linux Users of Los Angeles (LULA) group. LAMPsig is focused on web development and end user web interfaces. The LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the SIG's starting point."
Where: Tom Bradley Center, 5213 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019
When: third Saturday of each month

What: LA Perl Mongers, the Perl Users Group of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (note that they also link to some affiliated groups via their website: Orange County Perl Mongers, San Diego Perl Mongers, and Thousand Oaks Perl Mongers)
Where: Ticketmaster Corporate Headquarters, 8800 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
When: as scheduled, check the website

What: Santa Barbara Linux Users Group (SBLUG)
Where: Santa Barbara somewhere
When: every 2 weeks, more details can be found at but the website seems to be down currently

What: San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group (SGVLUG)
Where: 107 Downs on the Caltech Campus in Pasadena
When: 2nd Thursday of every month from 7pm to 9pm

What: San Fernando Valley Linux Users Group (SFVLUG)
Where: location varies (but seems to include Van Nuys and Northridge), check the website
When: every two weeks, on Saturday once a month, and a Monday or Tuesday once a month

What: Unix Users Association of Southern California (UUASC)
Where: Los Angeles County chapter, check the website
Where and When: Orange County Chapter, second Monday of each month from 7 to 9 pm

And I just found the lovely helpful listing of other local user groups and techgeek meetings at :-)

But by far the most interesting for me personally, among the local user group booths...

LinuxChixLA, the local chapter of LinuxChix -- "Primary communiction between members is via email lists and include lists for New Chix, those new to Linux, developers on the Tech Talk, Programming, and Kernel Chix lists, gender issue focused lists on the Grrls Only and Grrltalk lists, and a welcoming learning environment on the Courses list."

Also, there are number of wikis springing up which focus on the volume and visibility of women participating in open source. Some neat items from one of the LinuxChixLA booth handouts:

ETA: There's an excellent writeup of the women in open source miniconf at -- it has even more useful links!

Did I mention that I had an absolute blast volunteering at SCALE 5x this weekend?


Off the top of my head, I can think of more than a few packages based on open source that I absolutely depend on, at home and at work on my MacOSX laptops and work tower, and to connect from them to Solaris and Linux servers: Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, LiveJournal, TWiki, MediaWiki, GIMPshop image editing software, Cyberduck file transfer software (FTP and SFTP), MPlayerOSX media player, VLC media player, Audacity for sound recording, and (less frequently) I use Jomic comics viewer, and of course, I use Wikipedia frequently for looking up random factoids. I also installed Adium for chat a while back, though I often use iChat instead.

Back when my work computer was a WinXPpro tower, I used Thunderbird, Firefox and Putty daily...

And in hunting down some of those links, I've just stumbled across these two handy pages listing lovely open source MacOSX software, and oooh, some of that looks very shiny...

So yeah, I may not be in as deep as some folks who muck about up to their elbows (or necks) in the Linux kernel, and I may never want to spend time doing that, but I'm an open source enthusiast, in my own ways. And it was great to be around near-kindred spirits this weekend.

And now I'm eyeing my old Dell WinXPpro tower, pondering various choices for rebuilding it into something more interesting... don't know when I'll get to that project, of course, but still... :-)
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The SCALE 5x conference has been a lot of fun... I'm currently blogging this entry from the registration booth during a lull in walk-in registrations.

Turns out this is a fabulous open-source conference... the exhibit floor has lots of local user groups representing, as well as USENIX/SAGE and LOPSA, and plenty of shiny vendor booths.

It sounds like the workshops and talks are going very well, though I haven't had time to attend them, and the Birds of a Feather sessions last night seem to have been a hit, too.

I'm sorry to have missed the Women in Open-Source miniconference that took place here on Friday, but I'm going to be sure to arrange to attend the next one.

Volunteering has been much fun, and the hallway track schmoozing and random conversations about life, the universe and everything has been fascinating and, frankly, rather intellectually energizing though physically tiring... I was pretty exhausted by the time I finished fighting traffic on the 405 to get home last night.

I think I'll try a different route home this afternoon...

I've been collecting URLs for the local user groups, and will put together a comprehensive post once I've had more time to sort through and organize all the info I carted home. :-)

Yay for SCALE 5x!!
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SoCal Linux folks:

I'm volunteering with the Southern California Linux Expo weekend after next. Looks like it should be a fun time for Linux geeks. If anyone from the Pasadena, Glendale or Burbank area wants to carpool, my Sentra's going that way... SCALE 5x is Saturday and Sunday, February 10-11, 2007 at The Westin Los Angeles Airport.

SoCal sysadmins:

If you are a sysadmin on any platform, any OS, in the Los Angeles area, consider signing up for the LOPSA regional Los Angeles mailing list (I'm one of the mods, and the list is new). The League of Professional System Administrators is wonderful.

SoCal LOPSA members:

There's going to be a LOPSA booth at SCALE, so if you're a local LOPSA member and have time to help out with the booth, that'd be cool... Mario Obejas posted info to the lopsa-discuss mailing list asking for volunteers, with further details (booth volunteers get free admission).

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