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Last night I imported my [ profile] shakal LJ into my shiny new DW, except for memories. Gosh, that importer tool is fantastic!

I've also figured out how to choose a new style and began customizing by changing some fonts, basic options, and I've fiddled around a bit with the number and placement of modules, but I fell asleep last night with my laptop next to me in bed, visions of fonts dancing across the inside of my eyelids. Whoops. :-)

I have a bunch of large and small things still to do related to decluttering and enhancing my web presence... (Am I the only person who has lists of her To Do lists? This is one of six lists I'm currently tracking, unrelated to my day job...) Most of the web-presence-related items are things that in the long term will simplify upkeep and reduce linkrot and manual duplication of content, but in the near term, it means pesky fiddling to get things the way I want them.

0. Let my LJ Flist and readers at the Wordpress site know where I've moved to, and offer them DW codes.

1. Go through my posts here and update any hard-coded links in my content that go to the version of my other posts on LJ. Scour out the linkrot, too. Oh, and update the Profile.

2. Decide to keep up my bookmarks organizing, or shift it to Google Bookmarks which won't make them available publicly, grar. Perhaps some other option?

3. Decide what to do with my LJ memories, and then just do it.

4. Revisit my iGoogle homepage tabs and clear out the tabs and gadgets I am no longer interested in or which have gone defunct. - Done

5. Because iGoogle gadgets there are a much easier way to skim news than the old system of filtered feeds in my LJ that I used to use, some of the feeds I set up here last night should be transitioned into being feeds on my iGoogle tabs. Also, add in PMI-related feeds into my Workaday iGoogle tab, since that tab is currently only stuffed with sysadminning, web design/standards/usability and computer security things.

6. Re-categorize my feeds and groups here, and continue to customize the style and modules of this DW.

7. Figure out how I want to host images associated with a custom style here (and possibly a custom style for my iGoogle homepage tabs)... I really like the look of the main page of and I will miss that once its gone. Yes, that is my photograph there, but not my theme. I do like the fonts and graphic design of that Wordpress theme from Rob Goodlatte.

8. Transition content out of the wordpress install I put up on blog content goes into this DW, Contact page goes into a Google Profile, and my resume needs a home. Low priority: Learn hresume markup, and figure out where (aside from LinkedIn) my resume should live in that modern format.

9. Don't forget the LOPSA blog I set up... I keep forgetting it's there, so I forget to post to it.

10. Figure out how to back up the stored files directory on locally. Retire the content at and turn it into a Google Apps domain for the family. Make sure not to break my primary non-gmail email address in the process.

11. Point to this DW, and then close down that hosted Joyent Accelerator server, which I wasn't really using for much anyway. If I want a place to develop new Wordpress plugins or themes, I should get a cheaper dedicated place to do so.

12. Tidy up the stupid Facebook, and figure out a way to tie it in with the rest of my web presence, because I need to check it at least every couple of days.

13. Consider learning more about Google Reader and transitioning some of the feeds currently going into iGoogle tabs into it. - Done.

14. Tell the family how to use the Google Apps domain.

15. Learn the DW styles system, get creative, and contribute some new DW styles.

16. Dust off the rust and become a DW babydev, learn the coding system going here, and get patches committed.

17. Finish my application to PMI to take the PMP certification exam. And finally take the darned thing. And then don't forget to update my resume with all my shiny new skills and experiences; it's out of date already as it is. :-)
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Thanks to [ profile] montyy0 for the reminder... it's today!

James Cook and the Transit of Venus

I'll likely watch one of the webcasts linked above, or I might possibly bring my binoculars, duct tape, and a couple pieces of white cardboard to work to build an optical projector on my lunch hour (instructions are here).

That reminds me... I discovered a new-to-me podcast just now which I've added to my subscriptions in iTunes: 60-Second Science is by the folks at Scientific American magazine. It's now on my list of science-related or environmental-related podcasts that includes:

Nature Podcast
NOVA scienceNOW
NPR: Environment
Science @ NASA Feature Stories Podcast
Science Friday - Making Science Radioactive

What podcasts do you listen to?

And yes, thanks to LOPSA I'm also now adding In The Trenches, a podcast by sysadmins for sysadmins hosted by Kevin Devin and George Starcher. Yay LOPSA!

Edited to add: It's about 1:20pm here and I took my binoculars and a piece of white cardboard (and a few bemused coworkers) outside. We didn't have a tripod so the image was wobbly, but we were able to spot the tiny black dot on the image of the sun projected onto the cardboard. Cool!
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I can never figure out quite how to start a new entry here when I haven't updated in such a long time... I'll try to at least mention the big events of the past few months.

The lovely contract sysadmin documentation job I began last spring has metamorphosed into a "real job"... I'm now part of USC's ITS department.

This has meant that I just couldn't manage the commute and time required to stay with the MSIS program at Claremont, though. I can't decide whether to think of this as a hiatus, a sabbatical, or a leave of absence from grad school.

Being laid off from Caltech formerly-ITS-now-IMSS last October sucked in a lot of ways, and removed certain possible paths from my life, but it did open others. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year.

It's a little bit of broken deja vu to be surrounded by Trojan iconography in cardinal and gold these days, since my high school mascot was a Trojan in red and white, followed by over a decade of being surrounded by Caltech hazard-orange and white.

It's autumn, which always means facing transitions and saying farewell to the past for me, but I seem to be in the midst of a soul-deep Must Simplify, Must Actively Transition With Intent phase than usual for the time of year.

I had an amazing, amazing time in July vacationing with my parents and backpacking with my father. I'm still in the process of organizing umptymillion photos and writing up a trip report from my handwritten journal entries. Gosh, the wild spaces of the Pacific Northwest are incredible. Southern California is far too dry and doesn't have enough trees by comparison.

My last remaining grandparent passed away this summer. It feels odd how family dynamics change and don't change as we all face these milestones in our lives. I was able to make it to rural Wisconsin for the family gathering for Gramma's funeral, and though it was a difficult time, it was wonderful to see everyone. Distances make everything so much harder.

I may be attending my 15th high school reunion in Indiana near Thanksgiving.

There's a possibility that I may be attending the LISA 2006 sysadmin conference in Washington, D.C., during the first week of December.

Every day is filled with so many little things, and big things masquerading as little things, and little things masquerading as big things... and still the wheel turns. It's been a doozie of a year.

Unrelated geeky question: is anyone using and/or and if so, are you in any way unhappy/dissatisfied with either one?
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I've been trying to keep up with my grad school class, continuing my improved eating and exercise habits, and learning a lot at and about my new job. Knowledge and information management trends and new collaborative technologies have EATEN MY BRAIN.

And yeah, I've started a new account at to keep track of tagged bookmarks I want to be able to access at work and at both home computers. It's at if you're curious what I've been refreshing myself on, and newly learning.

If you haven't heard of before, it's a (free) service which provides online access to web bookmarks. You can tag a bookmark with multiple keywords with a really easy interface, and view your tagged bookmarks by all of those tag-categories. It's public (although you can make private bookmarks with it) so you can see how other people have tagged the same URLs you're tagging. I find it to be a handy tool...

There are other bookmark aggregators out there, as well, not just There's a nice descriptive Wikipedia entry about social bookmarking and various services if you want to know more. Oh, and a nice comparison between a bunch of these services is Roxomatic's social bookmark services chart.

If you're concerned about having your bookmarks stored on a hosted service somewhere because the service might vanish, be sure to back them up... many of the services allow you to dump out all of your stored bookmarks and their associated metadata tags as XML and/or HTML and/or a flat text file.

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