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This article caught my eye this morning: 10 Reasons Your Small Business Should't Start A Blog at Entrepreneur magazine.

I've also been thinking about all the personal SEO stuff that flies around whenever a new social media site launches (yeah, G+ included, stuff 'n bother... and the now-obligatory (ugh) Facebook...). I think many of the items on the list for small businesses also hold true for personal web-presence-type marketing.

I'd rather make a conscious choice about where and why I have an online presence rather than leaving a trail of disused blogs and sites lingering... I wonder what percentage of the internet is sites and blogs that haven't been updated in six months, a year, three years.

Food for thought over my coffee this morning, that's for sure.

/yawns sleepily
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Some clever friends and organizations have printed up mini-business cards rather than full-sized business cards or trifold brochures... the place they've used to order the bright-colored eye-catching mini-cards is MOOcards:

Their pricing is apparently listed at and they have a blog with all kinds of ideas of what can be done with their products:

I don't know much about other places that might make such small cards in bulk, or if there might be cheaper alternatives to get them... but a quick bit of websearching yields the following links that might be alternate possibilities:

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