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I’ve finally admitted to myself that I need a single place to archive online all of my conference presentations, workshops, tutorial materials and such.

So I've set up Adele: Rolling in the Geeks at
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SCaLE 6x, the Southern California Linux Expo, is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday there's a one-day miniconference on Women in Open Source, and another on Open Source in Education, and yet another on Open Source in Health Care.

SCaLE 6x also just added two LOPSA training classes for Friday! Open-Source Email Systems: One Approach to Spam Fighting, and Introduction to Virtualization on Linux. I adore LOPSA.

My posts about last year's SCaLE are here and here and here.

I'll be helping out with the Women's miniconf on Friday, and I'll be working the registration desk on Saturday. Come on by and say hello!

If I weren't attending and helping out with the SCaLE conference, I'd be attending the 24/7 DIY Media Summit that is happening this weekend. There are a bunch of different academic panel and workshop tracks, but there are also screenings open to the public.

Political commentary, activist media, independent arts, machinima, US media vidding, video blogging, anime music videos... and some of the most fabulous people presenting, curating, and discussing and receptioning about emerging patterns as well as the history of these new media... what's not to love? has complete info.

I'll probably also wind up prowling around [ profile] diyvideo later, which has information on some of the webcasts associated with that conference.

And if I ever get more free time (ahahaha, shut up) this note is to remind myself to prowl around in the videos on In Media Res.

I wish I could be in two places at once.

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