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Coronado Butterflies

A couple weeks ago I enjoyed a "Rails and Trails" local Sierra Club daytrip to the Coronado Butterfly Preserve. We took the train from Los Angeles to Goleta, hiked about 3.5 miles of sidewalks along the roadways of Goleta to the Preserve, enjoyed a few hours there, then hiked back (stopping for snacks/dinner along the way) to catch the train, and so home by that evening.

Seeing the coast from the train to Goleta was lovely, and of course the thousands and thousands of butterflies were so beautiful. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous trip.

I managed to capture some (admittedly slightly wobbly) video of some of the clusters of butterflies.

Carrizo Plain De-Fencing and Exploring

This weekend, I took part in a volunteer work-day at Carrizo Plain National Monument, getting rid of old barbed-wire fence on Saturday, and then exploring on my own on Sunday. It was a great weekend!

I took some photos today as I explored... I've posted them as a photoset on Flickr.

For more info about Carrizo, please see:

official BLM website for Carrizo Plain

Friends of Carrizo: Volunteer Opportunities

Nature Conservancy webpage about Carrizo Plain

Wikipedia page about Carrizo Plain
naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (self-portrait)

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naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (self-portrait)
I really should be keeping better track of where I'm hiking now that I'm getting out on the local trails again more often...

Chantry Flat, Sturtevant Falls, Camp Sturtevant )

May 2006

May. 24th, 2006 12:00 pm
naturedance: my foot, in my boot, on Mount Rainier (self-portrait)
Yesterday was rainbows-around-the-sun day... and condors soaring the skies day... and view across the valley day... and wildflowers meadowful and red red RED pine-root-flowering oddment beauty... and birdsong-filled dawn.

The day before was nervous anticipation and joyful happy greetings and trip underway and spatter of hail on the awning and sunset the color of fire. Life's pretty tough if you don't have a spoon. Same for comfortable shoes.

White feathers, white rocks, birdsong motivating me around the next bend, stones stepping goals on the hillsides.

Today was gusty gales and wobbly effort and joyous exhilaration and ecstatic joy. And more wind.

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