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So, I was a panelist at USENIX LISA 2012. :-)

Here are my random notes to myself regarding that panel participation...

Feed the pipeline!
- Sally Ride Science
- Girls Who Code
- Danica Miller's books
- SciGirls on PBS

Make sure you and your children encounter women in technical roles.

Encourage hacker/maker culture.

Read up on 'imposter syndrome'.

Mentors - find them, be them. Help define goals and talk them through to completion. Define "safe zones" for conversation. Consider formal mentoring agreements. Have more than one mentor! Mentor more than one person! Have different goals and objectives in your different mentoring relationships!

Send your teams to LISA. Send your teams to LOPSA trainings.

Diversify what you think of as "information technology" but take care not to fall into gender-stereotype traps and generalizations.

Contribute to things which contribute to you.
- Open Source
- workplaces which do not kill your soul
- peer networks of men and women

Recognize that many women and minority folks in many fields are often stuck doing 101-level education over and over again in our workplaces and among our technical peers about gender and minority issues. Some of us choose that educational role; others are repeatedly forced into that role and it's a cognitive load majority folks don't have to carry and often don't recognize when they ask to be educated. Read up on 'check your privilege', 'derailing', 'becoming an ally', the geek feminism wiki... before asking to be educated.

Consider personal safety issues and policies in workplaces and events.
- hotel concerns
- offsite conference gatherings

Recognize that there is still often a social cost for women pursuing technical education and/or careers. It is not illogical (nor "hysterical") to decide not to pay that social cost; it can be a personal prioritization choice.

Join !

Also and

There is a small but growing Women in OpenStack group on LinkedIn.

Get creative in your recruiting efforts. Think outside your usual boxes and usual social and professional networks.

Consider gently encouraging other women in your life to find their local women in technology groups. There are meetups, mailing lists, online groups, etc.
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