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Adele Shakal

technical project manager | knowledge manager | documentation specialist | process analyst | webmaster | system administrator

Currently, I am a technical project manager and emergency response and recovery leader, with extensive experience in IT project management and portfolio management, service management, and service interdependency analysis and documentation.

Specializing in university information technology enterprise architecture, system administration, and IT business processes, I am adept at managing complex technical projects. I am also able to quickly develop a broad understanding of existing IT infrastructure to design realistic emergency drills.

Interested in full-time permanent technical project management opportunities, portfolio management opportunities in university and nonprofit settings, and leadership roles in IT emergency response & recovery planning. I live in the Los Angeles area, and am willing to relocate to the Pacific Northwest, or to within driving distance of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Specialties - IT portfolio management, IT project management, IT emergency response and recovery planning, business analysis, business process optimization, system administration, technical communications, documentation, Unix system architecture, web design, information technology, IT disaster planning, service management, ITIL, PM.

Features and Skills

integrity - dedicated, well-organized, efficient, reliable, detail-oriented, excellent interpersonal communication skills.

project management - team leadership and coordination, requirements development, specifications authoring, short-term problem solving, long-range planning, prioritization and resource allocation, process analysis, optimization and documentation.

technical communication - writing, editing, and presentation of processes, policies, operations documentation, user instructions and marketing materials for products and services, critical listening and consensus building.

UNIX system administration - strategic planning, data center planning and implementation, upgrade process management, accounts management, user relations, service management, basic LDAP and Perl debugging.

desktop computing - Microsoft Office, Visio, Project; Macromedia Dreamweaver; Adobe Photoshop; OmniGraffle; GIMPshop; Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications; basic database applications including Access, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

web technologies - HTML, CSS, web authoring, site design, wiki information architecture, usability, publishing, social media, social network strategy, Google Apps, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, Wordpress.

Professional Experience

Technical Project Manager, August 2006 to present
Information Technology Services, University of Southern California

2011: Instituted ITS Departmental Operations Center design and protocols for preparedness, response and recovery, interfacing with USC Emergency Operations Center and planning team. Designed and facilitated drills; provided coordination and training for ITS staff and leadership. Reorganized ITS service portfolio for emergency operations and business continuity, intranet and knowledge management tools following merger of Administrative Information Systems and ITS.
2010: Formed IT Project Office; coordinated and mentored fellow project managers and specialists; began instituting portfolio management practices for ITS. Project management and prioritization of components of high-profile university IT projects, including university presidential transition.
2009: Coordinated IT Due Diligence efforts in preparation for USC’s purchase of two hospitals, working directly with internal project team and interfacing with external, contracted and transition IT teams.
Project managed and prioritized components of high-profile university IT projects, including Blackboard courseware enhancements and data network upgrade.
2008: Project managed rollout of Google Apps for Education for USC students, ensuring successful launch and ongoing support model.
Spearheaded complex program of interrelated projects involving Blackboard courseware.
2007: Project managed enterprise Unix data center relocation, coordinating system & network administrators, hardware team, Network Operations Center staff, Customer Support Center, security team, and leadership.
Coordinated enterprise team efforts to ensure communications, knowledge capture, and project completion; encouraged cross-training among sysadmins to accomplish service and project documentation; integrated new services into existing business processes.
2006: Developed internal operations, process and policy documentation for the ITS Enterprise Operations & Applications group and teams; architected internal wiki documentation structure for ITS.

IT Knowledge Manager/Documentation Specialist (Consultant), March 2006 to August 2006
Information Technology Services, University of Southern California

Analyzed legacy documentation collections and business processes.
Designed new documentation repository and rollout of wiki-based knowledge management solution.
Improved and implemented new knowledge capture processes.
Authored new documentation for the enterprise-level Unix mail infrastructure and encouraged cross-training among sysadmins.

Documentation Specialist, UNIX Sysadmin, Project Manager & Webmaster, October 1997 to November 2005
Information Technology Services, California Institute of Technology

Integrated mail forwarding and account ownership across disparate AD and LDAP databases.
Organized machine room relocation.
Developed internal operations documentation.
Demonstrated benefits of process analysis and documentation, interfaced between management and staff team.
Member of systems administration team; executed UNIX systems administration duties for 8600 account ITS cluster, including operations process enhancement and streamlining, server security, intrusion response, policy generation, accounts management, user relations, and user documentation.
Liaison between students, departmental helpdesks, sysadmin groups and central operations.
Developed requirements and specifications for department-wide ticket request tracking system, working in partnership with developer.
Acted as web advocate connecting web developers with available campus resources.
Managed summer project assistants and prioritized resource use.

Webmaster, June 1996 to October 1997
GNP Computers, Monrovia, California

Created and maintained ISO-9001 process documentation for sales & marketing department.
Organized, documented and streamlined inter- and intradepartmental processes.
Acted as liaison between sales & marketing department and software, electrical and mechanical engineering staff.
Developed online and print marketing, tradeshow, sales and training materials.
Updated, maintained and expanded corporate website and Intranet site.
Identified personnel requirements, performed interviews, and made staffing recommendations for sales & marketing administrative recruitment.


Graduate-Level Courses in IT Management Concepts and Database Design
Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California, 2005-2006

BS, Geochemistry, June 1997
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Protein Chemistry 1993 and 1994, SURF Peer Mentor, Blacker House Historian.

Professional Development

Courses, Workshops and Certifications
ITIL v3 Foundation Course and Certification (Third Sky, Loyalist Certification Services, Information Technology Infrastructure Library 2011)
Leadership Training: People Skills, Understanding Behavioral Styles, Three Steps for Thriving in Chaos (Effectiveness Institute 2009, 2010, 2011
PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp (Global Knowledge 2009)
Edward Tufte: Presenting Data and Information (2008)
IT Project Management (Global Knowledge 2008)
Achieving High Availability (USENIX LISA 2008)
Disaster Recovery Planning (USENIX LISA 2008)
Women in Open Source Workshops and Discussions (SCaLE 6X 2008)
Edward Tufte: Presenting Data and Information (2008)
Project Management and Quality Assurance (SoTec 2007)
Change Management (LOPSA Sysadmin Days 2006)
Communication for IT (LOPSA Sysadmin Days 2006)
Disaster Recovery (LOPSA Sysadmin Days 2006)
IT Policy Development (LOPSA Sysadmin Days 2006)
"Help! Everyone Hates Our IT Department!" (USENIX LISA 2005)
Time Management for Sysadmins (USENIX LISA 2004)
Project Management (Technology Learning Center, California Institute of Technology 2002)
Practical Project Management (USENIX LISA 2001)
Network & Computer Security (USENIX LISA 2001)
Documentation Techniques (USENIX LISA 2000)
Legal Issues for Sysadmins (USENIX LISA 2000)
Advanced UNIX System, Networking and Utilities Certificate (Center for Advanced Computer Technology (CACT) at Cal Poly Pomona, June 2000)
UNIX System Management and Administration Certificate (Center for Advanced Computer Technology (CACT) at Cal Poly Pomona, April 2000)

Volunteer and Conference Experience

Conference Co-Presenter
CENIC and APRU 2010

Co-presented a Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) 2010 Conference Session: Developing a Comprehensive Disaster-Recovery Plan (

Co-presented a version of this presentation as an Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) 2010 Videoconference Session on Disaster Recovery (

Birds-of-a-Feather Session Leader and Workshop Co-Moderator
USENIX LISA Conference, 2000 to 2008

Co-moderated the USENIX LISA Conference 2008 University Issues Workshop:

Led Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions in Documentation and Project Management at the USENIX LISA conferences in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2008, and hope to again in future.

Roundtable Facilitator and Conference Volunteer, 2007-2009
EDUCAUSE Western Regional Conference and Southern California Linux Expo

Faciliated the Google Apps for Higher Education Roundtable at the EDUCAUSE Western Regional Conference 2008.

Assisted with conference registration, panel introductions and additional customer support as needed during the SCaLE 5X, 6X and 7X conferences.

Webmaster Committee Chair (and other roles), 2007-2008
Organization for Transformative Works

Served in an interim capacity as the Webmaster Committee Chair, assisting in building the volunteer webmaster team, organizing virtual meetings, tracking action items, and reporting progress during 2007-2008. I continue to volunteer with the OTW as needed, including participating in the folksonomy "tag-wrangling" team of the archive site.

Peer Coach, Communications Mentor and Conference Volunteer, 1995 to 2005
Caltech Summer Research Fellowships (SURF)

Led workshops and individual coaching sessions to teach methods of technical communication and presentation to summer research fellows in 1994 and 1995. Continued as a volunteer mentor, building communications skills among undergraduate researchers.

Moderated panels of professionals and students, presentations and discussion roundtables from 1996 to 2005.

Volunteer, 2010 to present
Sierra Club

Participate in teams removing old barbed-wire fencing at Carrizo Plain National Monument. Basic trail maintenance and cleanup days in various settings.

Groups and Associations

itSMF, PMI, SAGE, USENIX, LOPSA, SCALE, EDUCAUSE, Caltech Alumni Association, Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF), Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, The Ada Initiative, Organization for Transformative Works

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