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Take one part passion for organizing information and creating efficient processes; blend that with one part philosophical commitment to higher education and scientific inquiry. Sprinkle liberally with one part comfortable camaraderie among people of varying levels of technical expertise. Shape these motivations via extensive experience in project management, technical communications, information technology documentation, and Unix systems administration.

House that combination within the crucible of Caltech and USC for a while, with an additional infusion of inspiration from LOPSA, and you’ll find the result to be a very motivated IT project manager.

We live in interesting times, and I wouldn’t want life to be dull.

All will be well. We’ll do just what we set out to do. We can do it.

I enjoy organizing information, writing, reading, crochet, knitting, dancing, sewing, science fiction and fantasy, making jewelry, gardening, going to open-air markets, marking the passage of the seasons, road trips, learning about ancient cultures, camping (day-hiking, car-camping and backpacking in wonderful wild places), and enjoying good food and long talks with good friends.

I live passionately, and I focus intently on activities at home and at work. I am a perfectionist and idealist endlessly fascinated by life, the universe and everything. This also means that I am endlessly striving for one of those “work-life balance” things I’ve heard so much about.

Within the past year or two, I've found myself in the role of fairy godmother and extra bonus grownup to four girls aged from elementary to middle school. This change represents a major addition and expansion to my life, and while it's introduced more complexity, I'm thankful every day that I have this opportunity.

I’m Adele, and this is my personal journal. Pull up a comfortable chair, have a cup of tea, and be welcome.

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